Thousands of storylines all in one place. SignaVerse is a world for players to explore, customize, and gain access to exclusive immersive experiences.

Experience your favorite NFTs in 3D, claim land and customize it, and earn passive income from the broader ecosystem all within SignaVerse.


The SignaVerse marketplace will be home to everything within the ecosystem. Allowing game developers to make use of our GameFi SDK and launch their INO (Initial NFT Offering) and subsequent marketplace with ease.

Partners will be able to customize categories and attributes for their NFTs, whether they’re avatars, special loot, or in-game assets such as weaponry or spells!

Each collections exists as a representation of the project it is associated with; unlike Objkt, the main focus of SignaVerse collections will be geared toward Web3 apps and games; using our GameFi SDK is the first prerequisite to being listed as a SignaVerse collection.


Introducing mApps

It’s what we’re calling Web3 apps, Metaverse Apps (mApps). Not all Web3 apps will be decentralized, so we avoid the dApp moniker here. mApp is also the name of our GameFi SDK, and the home for all documentation and information on that will be found at mapp.io – mApps will serve as the drivers of activity within SignaVerse, not only will have a marketplace but an app launcher within our 3D metaverse as well as in an easier to access location outside the virtual world.

mApp GameFi Smart Contract Core
  • Tokenization (NFT & Tokens)
  • Lootbox System
  • Avatar System
  • Profile System
  • Marketplace
  • Shop System
  • No-Code Environment
  • Single-point access management
  • Templates
  • Tutorials
Your Game App
Retro Glitch


The transactional item with which players can use to place wagers, compete, and participate in events will be Shards. These items can be attained in giveaways, contests, or directly from the Shard Swap.

The Shard Swap is where players can trade their Unobtanium tokens (cryptocurrency) for Shards (NFT) — There are three shard types: Quarter, Half, and Full Shard. Similar to casino chips, there will be specific mini-games and tournaments you can wager your set of Shards for to win big!


SignaVerse Land

Player-owned, dynamic, malleable, customizable–Land in SignaVerse is partitioned off in blocks of land, each block of land holds 9 parcels which can be individually traded, sold, or bought. Each parcel can be customized in our Parcel Designer, where you can add shapes, skins, and special artifacts to make your parcel of land stand out and be unique!

There are two continents in SignaVerse: the Mainland (which is player-owned); and the Island in the Sky, a curated, VIP-only environment where exclusive whitelist drops, and events occur. Island in the Sky can be accessed with a SignaVerse passport that renews yearly. Penthouses, villas, and mansions adorn the dreamlike landscape.

The Mainland

Every player has access to the mainland, this is where the Entertainment Capital of the Metaverse takes shape.

This player-owned environment is populated by Tezotopia blocks of land that are transferred through a Stargate. The Tezotopia block of land is burned and the player receives a SignaVerse block of land with 9 parcels on it.

SignaVerse lands can be customized, edited, and even setup to receive advertising dollars with our advertising affiliate program.

Players can take their Tezotopia block of land and transfer it to SignaVerse, gaining 9 parcels of 3D land to customize, trade, or sell.
The Mainland
Island in the Sky

Island in the Sky

The Signature experiences of SignaVerse live here. The Island in the Sky offers players the opportunity to partake in exclusive NFT drops, immersive one-of-a-kind experiences and events, and claim a residence in the finely curated universe of this isle.

A passport is required to enter the isle, but Tezotopia’s Diplomats have permanent access without need to renew their passport. This isle is built for tranquility, experiences, and exclusivity.

Participate in premium NFT drops with major name brands and entertainers, visit pop-up art galleries with the world’s most renowned artists, and partake in digital events that won’t be taking place on the mainland.

Curated and designed by Gif Games, the isle is like nothing else within SignaVerse.

Avatars Background


Your user identity within SignaVerse is attached to your wallet, and along with it you have the freedom to swap out avatars as simply as you would a profile pic. We’ll integrate top Tezos PFP projects into 3D renders to cast a large web over the multiple different varieties of avatars you can use.

Add flair and accessories to your avatar with ease, customize and stand out amongst the rest in SignaVerse.



Use your SignaVerse land to setup advertising from our approved advertiser list. This will allow land owners an extra avenue to generate passive income within SignaVerse. Our team will find the advertisers and make the deal, all you have to do is setup a billboard and start earning.


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